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International Space Station

The Chunnel or Channel Tunnel, is a series of 31-mile long tunnels underneath the English Channel that connect England and France. This is probably the most reasonable project on the list in our eyes because of the impact it provided to both countries for commerce, travel, and world status. The project took six years to complete and recently the railway in the tunnel was open. In the end, the Chunnel costs $13.8 billion. Goodness knows what will happen now that Britain has voted to leave the EU.

International Space Station is no surprise to many Americans. After an initial price tag of $11.2 billion the project was later audited in 2006 and found that it costs $35 billion since 2006 and it would take an additional $100 billion to complete the project.

Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s temple of the Holy Family. Construction began over 125 years ago in 1882 by architect Antoni Gaudi. The project was first halted when Gaudi was killed by a tram in 1926. At this point, the project was only 15% done and the project struggled to stay financed through donations until recently.  Construction is scheduled to be done in 2026, nearly 150 years after it’s start

Montreal-Mirabel Airport was aimed to be one of the major airports in the world and opened in 1975 when Montreal was preparing for the upcoming Olympic Games. Now empty and unused since 2004, this airport with six runways and six terminals was projected to transport 50 million passengers a year and never had move than 3 million passengers.

MOSE Project in Venice, Italy was started in 2003 to combat the constant flooding and sinking city. Venice has already sunk 11″, but this project will not be completed until 2017 and cost estimates vary from $5.5 billion to $10.4 billion.

Ryugyong Hotel in North Korean that is nicknamed “The Worst Building in the History of Mankind” and the “Hotel of Doom”. In fact, the North Korean government generally Photoshops the building out of skyline pictures. The total spent? Is not available, because the DPRK has different ideas about sharing certain types of information.

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