Looking for a job in the construction industry? Check out these 11 potential pitfalls.

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Looking for that next step in your career? Are you making the most of that interview or are you hurting yourself? Here are 11 mistakes construction professionals make on a job interview.

  1. Forgetting to ask for the job. If you do not tell them you want to be their next estimator the next person will.
  2. Not selling you. What do YOU bring special to an organization that will set yourself apart from other applicants? Have you built really large hospitals? Do you know how to manage a large design department?
  3. Poor body language. Are your arms crossed, do you wiggle and fidget? Are you sending signs with your body that you are not very interested in the position? No one wants to have a Project Manager who conveys the wrong message to clients.
  4. Focusing on YOUR needs instead of what the company needs. No one wants to hire an ego centric operations manager to lead their project management team.
  5. Being unprepared for the interview? Have you done your research? Do you know the company’s history or the projects they build? If a Chief Estimator doesn’t research the company prior to the job interviews what’s the chance they will pay attention to detail on the jobs they estimate?
  6. Not dressing for the part? Do the clothes you wear properly reflect your professionalism and do they reflect how you would dress if you were given the position? Dress for success. Flip Flops and a Hawaiian T-Shirt may be comfortable but not exactly appropriate for a jobsite superintendent.
  7. Are you still bitter about the last job? Does that bitterness show? Who wants a project executive with baggage?
  8. Over sharing personal information? Have you spent your entire interview discussing your daughter’s recent basketball game or your mother’s recent hip surgery? Clients worry these things might prevent you for getting the job done on time and under budget.
  9. Are you over or under emotional? Do conversations with you feel like a ride at Disney world or are you cold, distant and unemotional? Companies do not want emotional extremes representing them. They need solid steady personalities that can work well with others.
  10. Are you over eager to be a “yes” man? We all know that you cannot be all things to all people. Do not pretend that you can. Know your strengths and play to them. Not everyone can build a $1 Billion casino. If your strengths are $2 million schools focus on what you do well.
  11. Over discussing why you left your last job. If you cannot move on then what’s the point of hiring you for a new position? No President or CEO wants to hire someone who will throw them under the backhoe at the first chance. Complaining about your last boss will only make your current boss worried.

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